Be Wild!

Posted on June 12 2018

Hiking, Rock Climbing, Nature walks, living that Wild Life! DALIX new "Wild" dad caps is the perfect cap for your outdoor activities! This design brings so much life out of your fun, adventurous,wild side. These caps are perfect for when you go hiking, nature walking or any outdoor event taking place. 

The style of these caps bring the nature feel to any outdoor activity you may be apart of. It's unique embroidery gives this hat a quality feel and is very well made to be sure that it can withstand anything as you take it outdoors! 

It contains of quality stitching and comes in a variety of different colors! This design is more on the simpler side and will go with any outfit you decide to wear it with. If you are the type of person that enjoys being outdoors no matter what type of event it is, this is the cap for you! 

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