Clear Backpacks!

Posted on January 21 2019

One of the best and most needed travel necessities used today is a clear backpack! Not only are these needed for travel purposes but the DALIX Clear Backpacks can be used for any sporting event arenas, festivals, for safety purposes at your job, or to just simply look cool! 

"Just what I needed. I work in a max prison and we are all required to use see-through bags. This was a very good choice and even more sturdy than I was expecting. Great bag!"

"It makes bag check very easy and fast."

"Perfect for Public events requiring clear backpacks. Many zippered pockets, sturdy construction."

"This backpack is roomy and large enough for a high schooler or college student. It has many compartments and is compliant if your school requires transparent backpacks. It seems to be water proof and has nice carrying straps. "

With all of the great reviews that have been said and left, this backpack style has raised to the top of the charts with its unique and sturdy style allowing you to use it for many different occasions! This backpack includes 1 main zippered compartment to store your personal belongings, as well as 3 more smaller compartments (front, 2 side) with zipper closures for your smaller items. It comes in 14 different colors such as 


 Today these clear backpacks are needed for almost every public place you go to whether it is school, work, games, etc. They are required for safety purposes, so why not be safe and trendy at the same time?!

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