Clear Garment Bags!

Posted on August 10 2018

DALIX Clear Garment bags are the perfect necessity to have with you for any reason you made need it. The fact that this is a clear garment bag brings a whole other element to your travel needs, storage organization, and so much more!

DALIX offers two different sizes, one 30" clear garment bag one 60" garment bag. Their soft PVC Material is durable and also light weight for easy carry and folding to store away for organizational or travel purposes. Not only is it durable but the materiel prevents dirt and liquids from ruining your clothes.

One of the biggest benefits this garment bag has is its clear transparency as it allows you to identify which outfits is where in your closet, or even while you are picking up your luggage at the airport!

There are many features this bag offers such as, an outer tag pocket to make it easy to identify which bag is yours, this benefits when there are multiple of the same garment bags in one room, you would simply put your name in the outer pocket. Be sure to get yours today!

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