DALIX Waist Aprons!!
"DALIX Waist Aprons are the necessity any waitress, painter, or cook would need..."

DALIX Waist Aprons!!

DALIX Waist Aprons are the necessity any waitress, painter, or cook would need. Designed to hold all your belongings with the 3 roomy pockets on the outside while either working at a restaurant or a modern day cafe, to holding your paint brushes while you're in your creative artsy mood. DALIX's waist apron is just what anyone would need! Whether it is being used for commercial reasons, Residential, Small Business, and or your own personal home use!

The 7 OZ. POLY-COTTON apron also gives you the option to embroider on the front. With an IMPRINT/Embroidery Area of  7 in. x 9 in. Perfect spacing to either embroider or imprint the logos of your choice! It comes in 10 of the following different colors:


-Dark Green

-Navy Blue


-Royal Blue


-Striped White



-Striped Black

-Minion Yellow

This item is a MUST HAVE! The variety of colors gives you numerous ways to use it on either males or females making this a Unisex item. Plus, its comfortable fit gives you the promising feeling of not being able to feel that it is on your waist!

"These are well constructed and thick. They will last me quite a while. All the other servers where I work want to get these too! Looks like I'll be snapping up a few more when I can!"

-DALIX Customer Dena C.


Ashley Jones - Feb 20, 2018

Love these aprons they are very useful!

Jameson - Feb 20, 2018

Bought these for my baristas at my cafe I just opened up. Great quality!

Hillary785 - Feb 20, 2018

Love this product and this blog!

Lizette Garcia - Feb 20, 2018

Love the quality! Keep the blogs coming!

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