Embroidered Tote bags!

Posted on June 15 2018

We know that everyone has been loving all the new designs that have been coming out for the all new DALIX caps. DALIX now offers embroidered tote bags! With all of the new embroidered caps that have been coming out that have been a success, DALIX has added tote bags into the mix of different designs. 

Now being offered with embroidery are DALIX'S most popular, best selling tote bags As of now, the design consists of embroidery with letters A-Z on the center of the bag. These stylish tote bags can be used for a variety of different events. Give this bag as a gift to a friend with the first letter that represents their name, or one of the most popular ways bags like these are used are for events such as wedding parties, or Bachelorette parties. 

Not only are these tote bags very stylish, they are also very useful! This bag offers features such as:

As well as the sizing: 

This bag is also offered in a variety of different styles and designs (as shown in photo). Get your tote bag in the style and letter of your choice!

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