Garment Bag Duo!

Posted on February 15 2018

Business, Teams or Travel. There are so many reasons a garment bag can be used. A few weeks prior we had blogged and featured the DALIX Clear Garment bag in pink showing how the dress was able to fit within the bag. As you can see by the picture, this bag is most definitely a unisex bag that is able to be used for almost any occasion!

The 60" Garment Bag fits about 3-4 different outfits of your choice and has an outer tag pocket that gives you the option to tag your Garment bag to identify which is yours, and gives people the option to be able to use it for a variety of different events such as for Travel, as well as for DanceTeams that are able to use this for their costumes. The bag shown is 40" and comes in 7 different colors which are Pink, Purple, Black, Hot Pink, Maroon, Orange, Royal Blue and Red.

Made to help you with the convenience of your travels, and all of your business affairs. This garment bag is just right for whatever you may need to use it for. 

"Dalix Transparent Garment Bag is best suited for your most dressed occasions."

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