DALIX Bucket Hat Washed Cotton Medium in Royal Blue


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  • FEATURES: Pigment dyed and washed cotton, Bucket hat with washed color comes in Maroon and Royal Blue, Brim Length: 2 in.
  • SIZE: 7 (Brim Length 2 inches)
  • MATERIAL: 100% Cotton (Washed Cotton)
  • COLOR: Maroon, Royal Blue


Try our DALIX Bucket hats! Made with cotton to keep your head well styled and free from sunlight, this cap comes in Maroon Red and Royal Blue. It fits youth sizing (XL in Youth) or is Medium sizing for Adults. Pick any color to complement any gear you decide to wear. You will love the light material and is ideal for any outings such as Golf, Fishing, Shading the sun, Picnics, The Beach, & More! Get yours Today, the quality and price can't be beat!