DALIX Father Son Couch Potato Tater Tot Ball Cap Embroidered Hat

DALIX Father Son Couch Potato Tater Tot Ball Cap Embroidered Hat


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  • SET OF 2 EMBROIDERED HATS - Couch Potato on front panel of adult sized Dad cap, and Tater Tot stitched on Child's hat with premium threading to ensure long-lasting quality
  • NATURAL COTTON AND COMFORTABLE - Made with 100% Cotton , Soft on the Skin , Light Weight , Well Ventilated
  • EASY TO ADJUST SIZING - Adult Mens Adjustable 51 CM to 60 CM, and Children / Youth / Kids, Adjustable 48 CM to 54 CM, fits Small , Medium , and Large ( S / M / L)
  • PERFECT MATCHING HATS - Great gifts for family, friends, loved ones, perfect gift for father and child
  • Available in: Beige, Black, Navy Blue, Red


There's nothing like a father and child bonding moment on a nice relaxing day out. For those times, this is the perfect gift for the Dad in your child's life when they love hanging out on the couch together watching Saturday morning cartoons! Matching set of 2 hats, adult size and child's size. Express yourselves with our 100% cotton cap in a great style that lasts over time. With our soft padded sweat band, this hat will fit great and gently on your head without aggravating the skin. Features Adjustable Size Buckled Strap, Soft inner sweat band lining.