DALIX Chaparral Vertical Window Blinds Replacement Slats White 5 Pack


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Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds models aren't as likely to collect dust because they stand vertically. When adjusting (open and close), vertical blinds allow easier rotation and don't require lifting and lowering like horizontal blinds do. In our store we carry all sizes of vertical blinds: take a look at our choices for high quality blinds at low prices. Each blind is made with high quality vinyl, and each slat is less vulnerable to the natural elements; as it will last longer to help provide the cover and privacy you need. Our premium blind slats have a brushed Chaparral design which is most suitable for any office of home. With its curved shape, light naturally bends and prevents from shining through when closed shut; this maximizes light coverage when open! You will never have to worry about privacy control again. This 5 Pack Quantity is perfect for replacement needs in the case of breakage or damage to your current set.
  • FEATURES: Chaparral Brush Design, Premium Quality Vinyl, Extra Strength and Durability.
  • SIZE: Choose Between 9.5 inches to 126 inches (Height) x 3.5 inches (Width).
  • MATERIAL: Vinyl
  • COLOR: Gray
  • INTENDED USE: Office, Home, Commercial