DALIX Rustic Vertical Blinds Window Slats Replacement Set Ivory 5 Pack


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Bring a different feeling into your room with our Rustic premium curved blinds. This blind design features a unique brushed textured finish for each slat; made with high quality vinyl. Our premium blind slats is suitable for any environment which requires light control such as Offices , Meeting Rooms , or at Home. Feel free to choose between our Ivory color finish which brings a warm aura to your room, or White for a brighter effect to lighten your room. In our store we carry most window sizes of vertical blinds slats: take a look at our choices for high quality blinds at low prices. This 5 Pack Quantity is perfect for replacement needs in the case of breakage or damage to your current set.
  • FEATURES: Rustic Textured Design, Premium Quality Vinyl, Extra Strength and Durability.
  • SIZE: Choose Between 9.5 inches to 126 inches (Height) x 3.5 inches (Width).
  • MATERIAL: Vinyl
  • COLOR: Ivory
  • INTENDED USE: Office, Home, Commercial