12 Embroidered Gift Ideas for Him, Her, & the Kids

12 Embroidered Gift Ideas for Him, Her, & the Kids


Whether you’re crafting your own or looking to purchase handmade pieces, embroidered gift ideas are abundant and will communicate your thoughtfulness in gift-giving.

In this guide, you’ll find hand embroidery gift ideas to elevate your efforts whatever your next gift-giving occasion may be.


These gifts say, “I see you, and I recognize the amazing aspects of who you are.”


12 Embroidered Gift Ideas


Save these ideas for the next time you’re in need of the perfect gift for embroidered Christmas gifts, celebration, or just because it’s Wednesday.


Embroidered Gift Ideas for Him

Helping Dad update his wardrobe? Commemorating your first date? Whatever the occasion, there are embroidered gifts for men for that guy in your life.


1. Dalix Duffle Bag

For your gym rat best bud who needs to upgrade his gym bag, there’s the Dalix duffle bag. Customize it with his favorite motivational quote or acronym to keep the gains going.

2. Two-Toned Trucker Hat

A two-toned trucker hat is a perfect present for your fashion-forward boyfriend.

Add an embroidered icon to represent an inside joke or favorite memory – and he’ll be looking at you through heart eyes.

3. Men’s Embroidered T-Shirts

Help your dad modernize his closet with one of these men’s embroidered t-shirts.

From golf to grilling, personalize it with a custom embroidered icon that’s sure to make Pops proud.

Embroidered Gift Ideas for Her

The ladies in your life will swoon over a handmade embroidery gift. The options are endless, but here are a few of our tried-and-true favorite embroidered gifts for women.


1. Tote Bag

Teachers, moms, and girls on the go all need the ultimate accessory – a hand-embroidered tote bag. Personalize this bag with her initials to ensure fashion and function.

2. Women’s Embroidered Tops

These women’s embroidered tops come in various cuts and colors to allow ultimate customization for the fashionista in your life. You could even customize a full set for holidays, days of the week, or favorite sports teams to fit whatever is in season.


3. Small Duffle Bag

For the adventurous types, personalizing a small duffle bag is perfect for whenever the travel bug bites or those spontaneous weekend trips.

Cute Embroidered Gifts for Kids

We can’t leave out the little ones.

A personalized embroidery gift can capture a special moment in time for a child to look back on.

Through your gift, years later they’d remember how passionately they loved, for example, the color green and rocket ships. This turns your thoughtfulness into a keepsake – one that can even be passed down and shared with future generations.


1. Toddler Hats

These toddler hats make the perfect accessory for kids. With their ever-changing favorite color or animal, you’ll make their day with a custom hat that feels special and made just for them – because it is!


2. Small Backpacks

Kids love to bring their favorite toys or books along anywhere they go.

A small backpack with their name on it is a great option to help them keep up with all their belongings (and their parents will thank you, too).

3. Fanny Packs

Not only are fanny packs trendy, but they are also incredibly convenient.

This a great gift for kids who love an adventure – whether it’s to the zoo, the grocery store, or their backyard.

A fanny pack can make them feel excited and explorative for whatever mission they are on.

Looking for Embroidery Gift Ideas You Can Make?

There is a plethora of “blank slate” products available and ready for your handiwork. You can choose your items and embroider gifts yourself.

From favorite football teams to custom names and initials, the sky is the limit (actually, that could make a great saying to embroider on a duffle or a hat).

Below are some embroidery gifts to make pairing blank products with your creativity.


1. Hats

You can choose from several styles of blank hats for sale to showcase your ideas and embroidery talents.

The popularity of both the dad cap and trucker hat recently makes these great options for gifting. Beanies are also a solid choice, especially entering the colder months.

As far as what design you embroider, there’s really nothing you cant do. You’re only as limited as your imagination, so think outside the box.

What does the person you’re gifting enjoy?

If they love reading, add a cute book icon or a quote from their favorite author.

Are they video game enthusiasts?

Perhaps a game controller or character from their favorite game.

If you’re new to the world of embroidery, see this post for a guide on how to embroider a hat .

The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll become. Plus, you’ll likely dream of gift ideas to embroider for your friends and family (maybe yourself, too).

2. Tote Bags

Let’s be real – everyone loves a good tote bag.

They’re not only functional, but they can also be extremely stylish, especially when personalized with an embroidered design.

Totes are a great canvas for longer or larger embroidery. Names fit nicely on a tote bag, whether you’re gifting a bride a bag with her soon-to-be last name or an expecting couple a diaper bag with their baby’s name.

Initial monograms are a great option, too, as there’s plenty of room to make these as simple or extravagant as you’d like.

You can also use tote bags to showcase a favorite quote or motto.

Here’s an idea: gift your best friend a bag featuring your go-to inside joke, or encourage your eco-conscious coworker to keep up the good work with a reusable grocery bag.

3. For the Person Who Has Everything

It’s a struggle to find the perfect gift for that person who has everything.

The beauty of embroidered gifts is that you can gift them to literally anyone. You can customize them to any person and any situation.

Money deposit bags customized for your entrepreneur or small business owner friend are fun and practical.

Fanny packs make a great gift for a festivalgoer or nightlife enthusiast.

You could also gift youth baseball caps to the young sports fan or aspiring musician in your life.

Choose Machine Embroidery Gifts for Friends and Relatives

With embroidered gifts, we can stop passive gifting and start becoming intentional about how we celebrate the people and events in our lives.

Candles and gift cards are out. Unique, personality-centered pieces are in.

With the power to create what you choose, you’ll probably find a reason to embroider for almost every occasion.

Matching t-shirts for a bachelorette party? Check.

Beanies for your family’s annual ski trip? You’re on it.

Your craftiness and creativity are about to get you invited to every birthday party. Time to warm up that embroidery machine!

As it’s plain to see, you can’t go wrong with an embroidered gift, no matter the person or reason you’re gifting. A hand-crafted item that has been chosen with much consideration speaks volumes. Get creative and get to gifting!


Look around our website for other embroidery gifts options for men, women, and children.


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