How to Care for Your Dalix Canvas Tote Bag (in 3 Steps)

Cleaning a DALIX Canvas Tote Bag

Many customers ask how to clean their dalix canvas tote bags. This article aims to clear up any misconceptions about how. Throwing your tote bag into the washing machine can be the most easy thing to do, however to preserve your tote, is it best to spot clean it. To spot clean your tote, prepare some mild detergent, a cleaning cloth, and cold water.

Unfortunately ironing , dry cleaning and washing machines are unable to be used during cleaning of your tote bag.


1. Gentle rinse your cleaning rag, wring it out, and place a little bit of laundry detergent on the rag. Use the rag to blot the tote and clean the stains on the bag both inside and out.

2. Remove any leftover residue with another clean wet rag to wipe it down.

3. Removing Lotion

If you happen to get lotion on the bag from a day outdoors, simply first remove as much as you can by hand. Next, apply talcum or cornstarch or flour powder to the area for a few hours and then use a wet rag with water and soap to remove.

Be sure to lay flat and let it dry naturally by air!

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