DALIX Beautiful Seahorse Womens Embroidered Tote Bag Natural Canvas

DALIX Beautiful Seahorse Womens Embroidered Tote Bag Natural Canvas


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  • CUSTOM DESIGNED TOTE - Seahorse on front pocket, stitched with premium threading to ensure long-lasting quality
  • SIZE: 22 in. (Length) X 16 in. (Height) X 6 in. (Depth)
  • MATERIAL: 100% natural cotton canvas
  • Large outer pocket (7" x 7"), Hanging zippered inner pocket (7" x 7") for keys and valuables
  • COLORS : Black , Brown , Mint Green , Navy Blue , Pink , Purple , Red , Royal Blue


The Seahorse, actually a type of fish. They live in water, breathe through gills and have a swim bladder. Their caudal fins create a long shape like a snake's tail. Most notably, their neck and snout pointing down is similar to a shape of a horse. The Latin name, Hippocampus, which means Horse Caterpillar, helps keep clean our oceans of its plankton and tiny fish. Our design represents this ocean wildlife featuring detailed embroidery stitching beautifully decorated to complement your outfit. Made with 100% premium cotton canvas, light weight, soft to the touch, and durable for heavier loads. This tote features a heavy duty 12 oz. cotton canvas with open top for easy storage access and includes a zipper pocket for accessories when you travel to ensure your important belongings don't fall out. There is also a front pocket for accessories storage, and comes in more wonderful colors! For those on a budget but still wanting a quality product.