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Dalix Brontosaurus Hat

Dalix Brontosaurus Hat

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The Brontosaurus, or is also known as Apatosaurus, is one of the largest animals to have walked the Earth! Standing an amazing 75 feet tall and weighing as much as 23 tons, it has a long neck and even longer tails like whips to help its balance. Being a plant eating dinosaur, it definitely looks scarier than it is. And for those who remember, this reptile was an inspiration for many characters such as Littlefoot. We at Dalix love giving kids a chance to enjoy a glimpse of history. Have your child express themselves with our 100% cotton cap. Our soft padded sweat band allows for great fit, without aggravating the skin. Features Adjustable Size Buckle Strap, Soft inner sweat band lining. 

  • Embroidery Made to Order
  • Embroidered in California USA
  • Designed in California


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