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Dalix 24" Basketball Duffel Bag

Dalix 24" Basketball Duffel Bag

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  • 1 Shoe Compartment, 1 Zippered Front Pocket for Keys/Mouth guard/Phone, 1 Basketball Ball Compartment, 1 Shoulder Strap, 1 Duffel Handle, 1 Main Compartment for Towels, Shirts, Extra Slippers after the game, socks etc., 1 Rope Twined Top for Quick Grab Towel Between Timeout, 1 Bottle Holder
  • MATERIAL: Polyester w/ Heavy Duty Vinyl Gusset
  • SIZE: 24" Length x 13" Width x 14" Height. Expandable
  • COLOR: Black, Gold/Royal Blue, Red/Black, Purple/Gold, Light Gray/Black


DALIX 24" Basketball Duffel Bag Sports Shoe Ball Holder Duffel w Shoulder Strap and Water Bottle Holder. This Basketball bag is the first of its kind in the DALIX line. Refined for the avid basketball fanatic, this bag includes a plethora of compartments fit for a baller that is on the go and consistent in his craft. Features a shoe compartment up to the largest size shoe you can imagine from the shorter faster balling point guards to the tallest centers. Got a quick Gatorade bottle to use ? We have the mesh water bottle holder with elastic band to help keep that thirst quenched during a timeout or halftime, even after the win at the end of the game. We included a basketball compartment to keep a indoor or outdoor regulation sized ball, complete with adjustable mesh guard for different sizes, in case you ever want to bring a medicine ball that day for strength training. the Front pocket includes a place for your keys, cellphone, and mouth guard as well as other valuables and practice aids like finger tape, ankle / knee braces & more. Top rope holds your towel between timeouts and keeps it from getting lost during and after games. Wet T's can go here after dripping wet practices. Carry this duffle bag with either the shoulder strap which is adjustable or the Duffle bag handles. This bag has been proven and tested by a basketball enthusiast and sure to impress any baller.

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