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Dalix Cobbler Apron

Dalix Cobbler Apron

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  • FEATURES: 2 Pockets for holding your cooking accessories (salts, peppers, spatulas, etc.), Adjustable Straps at the neck for sizing and tied waist straps.
  • SIZE: 22" x 30"
  • MATERIAL: 7 Oz. Poly-Cotton
  • Black, White, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Red, Purple


DALIX provides quality economical and useful apron for all. Standard in the industry as poly-spun cotton material, this cobbler apron comes in different colors, perfect for home, commercial, industrial uses. This Smock Apron will allow you to cook thru your hungriest delights in the kitchen. The apron will be able to keep your clothes clean underneath at work in the warehouse or outdoors. An added feature is that this apron can be imprinted on or embroidered for custom business logos your name, promotional items, and much more. 2 Sided coverage allows for maximum protection.

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