DALIX Zippered Money Pouch Bank Bag Pencil Marker Bags Assorted Colors 24 Pack


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  • You are purchasing a 24-Pack (24 Quantity) of Dalix Bank Bags
  • 6 of Each Colors Black, Dark Green, Gray, Maroon, Navy Blue, Purple
  • Each Bag is 11 inches (Length) x 5.5 inches (Width) x 2.5 inches (Depth Expanded).

  • Do you often use pouches to store small currency or checks, or have a classroom of students to provide pencil pouches for? Then this bulk pack of pouches is perfect for you to make use at work daily or even home. With 6 different colors, these bags can help identify different deposit days and also organizes separate transactions and documents. These are also very useful as pencil bags for the classroom too! Made with high quality Polyester, this pouch makes for easy carrying, while supporting your accessories and currency. Compared to leather pouches, polyester fabrics are stronger and more durable against scratches or tears from daily use; which means there will be no fabric cracks or material ripping for your secure items to be in jeopardy. Measuring at 11 inches in length and 5.5 inches width, it allows for easy portability in times when you need to grab-and-go.