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Dalix Sabertooth Tiger Hat

Dalix Sabertooth Tiger Hat

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Sabertooth Tiger, the prehistoric feline best known for each size, aggressive strength, and reflexes. Although known as a tiger, the saber-toothed cat was not closely related to the tiger or other modern cats. An inspiration to many characters such as the Yellow Power Ranger and a part of the Zords. This featured character is a fun depiction of a 9-million year old fierce predator for all children to remember! We at Dalix love giving kids a chance to enjoy a glimpse of history. Have your child express themselves with our 100% cotton cap. Our soft padded sweat band allows for great fit, without aggravating the skin. Features Adjustable Size Buckle Strap, Soft inner sweat band lining. 

  • Embroidery Made to Order
  • Embroidered in California USA
  • Designed in California
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